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  1. 3. Enters, processes and stores information.
  2. 4. Projects images on a white screen.
  3. 9. Used to store files safely.
  4. 12. Produces multiple copies of the same document.
  5. 13. Used to take pictures or videos and can easily be transferred to the computer.
  6. 14. Collates papers together.
  7. 15. Used to dispose of confidential documents.
  1. 1. Used to keep important papers and documents as well as cash, check books and other valuable documents.
  2. 2. Cuts either single sheets or stacks of paper and also known as a paper cutter.
  3. 5. Also known as a point of sale, this equipment is used to process payments.
  4. 6. Provides protection for important documents and keepsakes.
  5. 7. A digital system that scans, copies and prints thousands of copies.
  6. 8. Transmits exact copies of documents to and from other machines using a phone line.
  7. 10. Prints on self-adhesive material and/or card-stock tags.
  8. 11. Provides a suitable surface for writing, work area, placement of supplies and office equipment.