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Polser Staff

  1. 1. Not Jenny from the block
  2. 4. The first three letters of her first name are the same as the first three letters of her last name
  3. 7. What the chicken does to the road
  4. 9. Only staff member with a U and a Z in her last name
  5. 10. Her last name is a shade of green
  6. 11. If you change the last letter of her name, she is a duck
  7. 13. The J in her name sure sounds like a Y to us
  8. 15. Not a president who had a very bad day in Dallas
  9. 16. Not the ugly duckling
  10. 19. Rearrange the letters in her name to spell “hob knee"
  11. 20. She is _______ at heart
  12. 21. Her name is a kind of diamond
  13. 24. Not Alec Baldwin’s ex
  14. 26. Not one of the stars of the Women’s World Cup soccer team
  15. 28. The last half of her name is a TV serial killer
  16. 30. If you stick an N in the exact middle of her last name, you have a sweet treat
  17. 31. Not the leader of Cuba
  18. 32. Was not told “Show me the money!"
  19. 33. The letters in her name could spell “cables” or “tables”
  20. 34. Her last name has at least three silent letters in it
  21. 35. One of our more recent hires, chosen because we collect ‘Mc’ names
  22. 36. If she calls, take your darn attendance
  23. 40. Will name her child after whichever boy has the most discipline referrals
  24. 41. Could also be named Breezebacon
  25. 44. The two halves of her last name are synonyms of each other
  26. 45. Not a TV ratings system
  27. 46. One of our new staff members who is a precious stone
  28. 47. Rearrange the letters in her name to spell “upland"
  29. 48. According to Google, an electronics lab in North Carolina
  1. 2. Her name is not also an unpronouncable symbol
  2. 3. Her name rhymes with what she does
  3. 5. And Wesson
  4. 6. Not a Mexican comedian
  5. 8. Rhymes with a popular brand of canned produce
  6. 12. Not a famous basketball player named Dominique
  7. 14. Only teachers whose last name begins with an ‘I'
  8. 15. Is more keel than you
  9. 16. You can make the word 'tigress' with the letters in her name (with one letter left over)
  10. 17. Not a Halloween serial killer
  11. 18. This one is a first name, not the star of Pretty Woman
  12. 22. One of our new staff members who is a precious stone
  13. 23. Not the guitarist of Aerosmith
  14. 25. She has a season in her name
  15. 27. Barely one shade, if that
  16. 29. Not the coach of the Cowboys
  17. 33. Rearrange the letters in her name to say, “I like CB."
  18. 37. According to her name, she has trouble holding a drink without making a mess
  19. 38. Her name means “to take an unfair share of something"
  20. 39. Not the quarterback of the Houston Texans
  21. 41. Whatt Spidermann makess
  22. 42. A nice way to avoid swearing
  23. 43. Not a Simpsons character who always said, “Hi, I’m Troy __________."
  24. 49. If she became a general, she’d be the car on the Dukes of Hazzard