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  1. 1. when the ball is kicked into the net
  2. 5. primary goal is to play near the goalie and keep the other team from scoring
  3. 6. when a offensive player gets behind the defense
  4. 11. The overtime period used to decide tied, or drawn, games.
  5. 12. usually one of the better passers/dribblers on the team
  6. 13. see caution
  7. 14. game that ends in a tie
  1. 2. team that has the ball
  2. 3. a player slides to try to steal/take the ball from an opposing player
  3. 4. team without the ball
  4. 7. A kick given to the team that has suffered a foul at the spot of the infraction.
  5. 8. player that scores most of the teams goals
  6. 9. when a player has been banned from the rest of the match
  7. 10. protects the net
  8. 15. when a player passes to their teammate and their teammate scores