The Hunger Games

  1. 1. A village for the winners/victors of the Hunger Games
  2. 5. The original bird the capital created to spy on district citizens
  3. 8. The Genre of The Hunger Games
  4. 10. The main protagonist of this story
  5. 13. The author of The Hunger Games
  6. 14. The bird that can repeat melodies and many different sounds
  7. 16. The one item the main character scrambled for at the Cornucopia
  8. 19. The sister of the main protagonist
  1. 2. The people responsible for hosting and creating the annual Hunger Games
  2. 3. A big horn-like structure filled with goods to help you out in the games
  3. 4. The coach of the two tributes taken from district 12
  4. 6. A person who has trained their whole life for the hunger games. They usually come from districts 1, 2, and 4 which are far more wealthier than the other districts
  5. 7. A weapon the main character is skilled at
  6. 8. The 12 different areas that make up Panem
  7. 9. The baker's son/tribute
  8. 11. The deadly mutated wasp the capitol created to kill tributes at the games
  9. 12. The President of Panem
  10. 15. The stylist of the main protagonist
  11. 17. The escorter of the two tributes taken from district 12
  12. 18. The city The Hunger Games takes place in