The Runaway Letters Crossword Puzzle

  1. 3. Christian built one of these and showed Grandma
  2. 5. Daddy's great idea was to do this after lunch
  3. 8. Grandma got one of these to keep COVID away
  4. 9. Mommy made mugs of this delicious hot drink
  5. 10. Gigi's dress is this color
  6. 11. Becky gets this kind of message on her phone
  7. 12. soft white flakes of this were falling outside
  1. 1. it didn't look like a day to solve one of these
  2. 2. Grandma and GiGi wear these kinds of hats
  3. 4. a unicorn has one of these on its head
  4. 5. the first word Grandma wrote on the board
  5. 6. the stuffed owl wears a pair of these
  6. 7. GiGi looks for letters in these on her dress