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the vampire dairies

  1. 2. In what season does Elena become a vampire?
  2. 4. what is the Staff of Arcadius?
  3. 6. Who does Stefan marry right before he dies?
  4. 10. What is Katherine's real name?
  5. 12. Who saves Elena from the car accident that killed her parents?
  6. 14. How many seasons was the show on TV?
  7. 16. What does Bonnie call her grandmother?
  8. 17. What is Klaus's daughter's name?
  9. 19. Who is Stefan's evil doppelgänger?
  10. 20. Jeremy is which of the following?
  1. 1. Tyler is a hybrid — a vampire and what?
  2. 3. What are the names of Alaric's twin daughters?
  3. 5. which of the characters makes it to the end of the series alive?
  4. 7. who falls in love with both bothers
  5. 8. What is the last name of the original vampire family?
  6. 9. How does Liz Forbes die?
  7. 11. In what town does the show primarily take place?
  8. 13. The Originals is the Vampire Diaries spinoff that focuses on the Mikaelson family. What is the spinoff that focuses on the next generation?
  9. 15. What is the herb called that can protect you from being compelled by a vampire?
  10. 18. What is the name of Stefan's best friend, who appears in season one and is promptly killed?
  11. 21. damon and Bonnie are trapped in the prison world with Kai Parker, the same day keeps repeating over and over. What is the date?