Weathering Crossword

  1. 2. cause rocks to be rounded and smooth when tumbled.
  2. 6. lifts and carries small particles in the air that blast away at surfaces and slowly wears them away.
  3. 7. Changes, Repeated temp changes can weaken the structure and cause rock and crumble.
  4. 8. Precipitation, When fossil fuel burn other chemicals combine with water in the Atmosphere.
  5. 10. Outer layers of rocks slowly peel away because of pressure change.
  6. 12. Wedging, Water seeps into cracks in a rock and freezes which expands the cracks in the rock.
  7. 13. Things, Moss often grows on Rocks they produce weak acids and deeper the acids go into the rocks cracks start to form and eventually break.
  8. 15. Moves through spaces or cracks in rocks acids in water can cause rocks to dissolve.
  9. 17. Breaking down and wearing away rock materials by mechanical action of other Rocks
  10. 18. the reddish orange result from iron in rocks and soils combine with oxygen that is dissolved in water.
  1. 1. Change, As overlaying materials are removed above the rock __________ decrease. As a result the rocks expand causing the outermost layers of rock to separate from the underlying layers.
  2. 3. found on the ceilings of caves formed dissolved chemicals that are deposited by dripping water.
  3. 4. Weathering, Breakdown of Rocks by Chemical reactions.
  4. 5. Found on the ground of caves formed dissolved chemicals that are deposited by dripping water.
  5. 6. Breakdown of rock Material by physical and chemical processes.
  6. 8. Animals dig burrows into the ground causing more rock to be exposed.
  7. 9. growth, cause cracks in sidewalks.
  8. 11. Weathering, Rocks break down into smaller pieces by physical changes.
  9. 14. Cause rocks to be broken in a landslide.
  10. 16. The process when other chemicals mix with oxygen.
  11. 17. Created when chemicals combine with water in the air.